The Housing Monster

Från Polkagriswiki
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Seriealbum och manifesto där tar ett helhetsgrepp på bostäder - allt från byggarbetet och boendet till spekulationen och de vardaglig profiterna. Historien slutar i nödvändigheten att riva skiten och tillsammans skapa en värld för oss.

Snyggt, genomtänkt och välformulerat:

A house is more than four walls and a roof. From its design and production to the way it is sold, used, resold and eventually demolished, it is crisscrossed by conflict. From the construction site to the neighborhood, impersonal economic forces and very personal conflicts grow out of each other. Concrete, rebar, wood and nails. Frustration, anger, resentment and despair. Individual tragedies reflect a larger social tragedy.

This is not about comparing the present to an imaginary classless, moneyless future and finding it lacking. It's about imagining what it would take to collectively stop living our lives the way we have been up till now. It's about developing our everyday struggles to the point where we're in a position to break capitalist social relationships once and for all. We need decisive ideas and elegant actions.

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