1977 - Bröd Intifadan

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The riots that broke out across Egypt on Jan. 18, 1977 in reaction to the government’s hiking the price of bread and numerous other subsidized foodstuffs. The rioters set fire to buildings, clashed with police and forced President Anwar Sadat to leave the southern city of Aswan in a hurry.

As part of the attempt to open up the economy, the government signed on to an International Monetary Fund structural adjustment programme for loans in exchange for reforms. On January 17, 1977, the cancellation of more than 250 million dollars in subsidies was announced, triggering riots that were only brought under control three days later when the subsidies were reinstated. “The understanding then was the government would look after you,” said Radwan. “Suddenly the government decided to do away with the subsidies and float prices and the shock was very strong given that culture.”

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On January 18, 1977, Egypt, in an effort to reduce the cost of subsidies, increased prices on a number of commodities by as much as 31%. The worst riots since 1952 broke out. President Sadat's government rescinded the price increases and, as a further appeasement, left in place wage increases that had been intended to help soften the blow of the price increases. The memory of this riot tempered all future economic reform attempts.


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